Onchain AI

The future is

A powerful dPoS based blockchain with integrated AI chatbot module making it ready for mass adoption.



Onchain AI is a high performance Layer-1 network with an integrated AI chatbot module that will facilitate the development of all kinds of web3 dApps from conception to deployment.
In other words, Onchain AI unlocks the creative potential of every builder and entrepreneur with its integrated AI module, enabling everyone to build and deploy smart contracts on Onchain AI even without IT knowledge.

High performance and low fees

Onchain AI is a powerful dPoS based blockchain that is capable of handling more than 120k transactions per second. With an average blocktime of 3 seconds and gas fees below $0.001, Onchain AI is highly scalable and ready for mass adoption.

Decentralized and clean

With the choice of dPoS consensus for its architecture, Onchain is focusing on decentralization while keeping a low carbon footprint, elevating the industry’s standards. Green and decentralized Onchain AI is built for tomorrow.

AI powered & dev friendly

Build and deploy fungible tokens (Erc20), NFTs and all kind of smart contracts for your dApps without any IT knowledge on a smooth AI chatbot interface.
Give your instructions, Onchain AI Chatbot is doing it for you.

With Web3 AI, your imagination is the limit

Onchain AI chatbot features

  • Based on various AI technology models
  • Wallet connect integration
  • Build and deploy your smart contracts without IT knowledge
  • Erc20, Nfts and dApps
  • Ready-to-use dApps code integrated to the database
  • Deploy on Onchain AI network

All leading
wallets are on
Onchain AI.

Onchain AI

$OCAI Onchain AI Token

$OCAI is the Onchain AI network native token, it is a key part of the Onchain AI ecosystem that is used for value transfers, staking and paying transaction fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Onchain AI?

Onchain AI takes blockchain and AI to the next level by combining these two technologies of tomorrow in a solution of today.

When will Onchain AI mainnet be launched?

Onchain AI dPoS based blockchain mainnet will be live in early Q4 2023.

How scalable will Onchain AI be?

Onchain AI network can support up to 120,000.00 TPS.

What is Web3 AI by Onchain AI?

Based on top notch AI technology models, Web3 AI by Onchain AI is a powerful tool with wallet connect compatibility that give everybody the opportunity to build and deploy a smart contracts (Fungible token, NFTs and dApps) without any IT knowledge. Web3 AI takes care of everything from the conception to deployment on Onchain AI network.

When Web3 AI by Onchain AI will be live?

Alpha release is scheduled for 2024.

How will partnerships drive $OCAI adoption?

Chains that want to integrate the Web3 AI technology by Onchain AI and empower their ecosystem will have to buy $OCAI tokens and stake them for a given period.

Where to buy Onchain AI token $OCAI?

Initially issued on Ethereum, $OCAI will be tradable on Uniswap.